Creativeity and How the Skill Builders Assist This Process: Montessori Essay

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Assignment One Book four: Write a essay on creativity.
Discuss aspects off:
Young children being in the process of creating themselves.
The making of objects of art and crafts, a.
How the Montessori “ skill builders” assist point 1 and 2 above.

Creativity is the making of anything and children are less interested in the product than they are interested in the process. They are learning without an outcome in mind and will construct meaning to any skill acquisition or concept as it requires them to do so. Inevitably with the right skill building activities a child's motor development will take form and become part of a conscious effort to create something new in the form of art .

The work is to acquire the initial building
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Older children are encouraged to draw from life and materials for painting with real easels on offer throughout the Montessori session. Sensorial activities on colour grading are extended on with the skill builder activity on colour mixing with droppers. Also geometric drawing insets allow the child to explore the elements of geometric art by forming complex designs for colouring. It is important to note that these are not continuous repetitions of exercises that never lead to new creations they are not narrow in scope, but limitless in variations. Children make there own discoveries and teachers do not show them as to limit their creativity “ they have a right to make their own discoveries” Montessori a Modern Approach page 69.

Children do not appear to be disconcerted by their efforts to produce skill builder outcomes that are not creations in there own right. They have value as evidence of the process and effort on the part of the child to prefect a skill. Children are interested in the process during this sensitive period and the product is of little or no interest to them. The teachers role is to communicate this to the parents and offer a place to display works of free expression and finished art as a display. This is more a concession for the parents to meet their desire to see a finished result and cumulative outcome.

The Montessori Approach has been criticised for stifleling children's creativity but I