Creativity: Britney Spears and Steve Jobs Essay

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Prompt: Is it always better to be original than to imitate or use the ideas of others?

It is often said that imitation is be the mother of creation, but originality is a quality that takes people further and moves the world forward. Though being truly original might be difficult as the chances for innovation in today’s market is limited, following the prevailing trend should not be the answer for anything. Originality is the key to ultimate success. This is demonstrated by Steve Jobs, the true artist in the digital world and Madonna, the queen of pop culture. The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs represents the idea that new thoughts are what fuels development and modernization. When Jobs became the CEO of Apple, he started an innovation. When other rival companies such as Sony or GE have been struggling to enhance the technological side of their products, Jobs took a bold step and set design to be the company’s primary competitive point. The simple yet catchy appearance of Apple’s original IPod dominated the industry, and as soon as the other companies commenced the same policy, Jobs tapped into the cellular phone business. The iPhone, a multi-touch display cell phone with internet device and music player once again shocked the world. Jobs never took others’ ideas but rather set a new trend, which other corporations quickly imitated. His major success was all due to his originality. Therefore, Steve Jobs shows how creativity and innovativeness are the main ingredients to success. Just as Steve Jobs hold the title of the innovator of the electronics world, Madonna holds the title for pop culture. Madonna is known for continuously…