Creativity In Star Trek: The Next Generation

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I am, in the truest sense, a television junkie. There have been some shows that I really liked and some I really hated. One of my favorite programs has to be Star Trek: The Next Generation. This show is biased around the star ship Enterprise as it explores the unknown universe. The driving principle behind this exploration is the Prime Directive.
“The Prime Directive is not just a set of rules; it is a philosophy... and a very correct one. History has proven again and again that whenever mankind interferes with a less developed civilization, no matter how well intentioned that interference may be, the results are invariably disastrous.”
As Said by Jean-Luc Picard, caption of the Federation Star Ship Enterprise. Throughout this television series
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In episode 22 the crew is faced with such a dilemma when they go to help a freighter that is broad casting a distress signal. When they arrived they attempted to beam the stranded survivors off the transport the survivors sent there cargo first. Then when 4 of the 6 survivor were beamed a board just before the freighter exploited all they cared about was there cargo. Two of these people (the Ornarans) were buying this miracle medicine off of the other two (the Brekkians) in order to save their world. It turned out that this medicine was actually a very additive drug and the whole Ornaran world was addicted to it. If the crew of the Enterprise would have to violate the Prime Directive in order to help these people. Even though they have the power to help these people there is no way that they could interfere with this less developed civilization without violating the Prime Directive. In this situation should the Enterprise have interfered? Should they have helped these people and disregard the cultural …show more content…
Not everybody holds it in as high regard as Picard. When the Enterprise answers a distress call from the planet Boraal II. When they arrive the sensors detect atmospheric dissipation. The planet will be rendered uninhabitable within a few hours. There is a federation member named Rozhenko on the surface studying the culture of the indigenous people. Rozhenko is beamed up to the Enterprise but the Prime Directive prevents the Enterprise from rescuing the indigenous people. Rozhenko fakes the ship being hit by a plasmonic burst which gives him cover to beam the indigenous people, one of whom happens to be his wife, onto Enterprise. He did this in direct violation of the Prime Directive and the order of his superior officer. In this case when the people were about to be wiped out should the Enterprise interfered when it has the capacity. Is it better to have the species wiped out or to go against nature and have their culture irreparably