Creativity: Management and Organization Essay

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creativity No. | Statement | Choice | 1 | Creativity is a regular part of how I perform my job (or responsibilities). | SA | 2 | I have mastered a set of creativity skills that I use on a regular basis. | SA | 3 | I am receptive to ideas that challenge my way of thinking. | A | 4 | Time restraints are not a problem for me in being creative in the workplace. | A | 5 | I regularly take time to learn and implement advanced creativity techniques. | SA | 6 | I am receptive to team creativity, even if rewards are shared equally between all team members. | SA | 7 | I have an in-depth knowledge of the areas of my job that require me to be creative. | A | 8 | I consistently take my ideas from conception to application. | A | 9 | I am not limited by my position with respect to implementing creative ideas. | SA | 10 | I am aware of my unique way of being creative and I use it on a regular basis. | SA |
Business Improvement Strategies- Practical Exercise Creativity Self Test

SA Responses 6 X 4: 24
A Responses 4 X 3: 12
N Reponses 0 X 2: 0
D Reponses 0 X1: 0
SD Reponses 0 X 0: 0

Total: 36

Total creativity quotient based upon 100% scale

36 X 2.5: 90%


Creativity is an idea which helps people brings out their potential in the environment. As the world moves to a new era technology have reached its height and helping in creating a better world. Competition due to an open market has been fierce and for an organization to have a sustainable future the organization must have a creative idea to input in the top level management which deals with strategies and planning and the action is implemented towards the middle and lower level management in a hierarchy pattern as seen in figure 1.

Figure 1. Hierarchy of management

As the market environment for business is fierce and competitive for a creativity to have an effect in the business or to open a business in an existing market people must have an understanding in the areas of creativity through education, psychology, philosophy, technology, sociology, business studies and economics of the surrounding environment in the market sector of business. To have an effective planning to have a sustainable future for the business the entrepreneur must emphasize on the environment of the market. The environment can be broken down through 4ps which are the basis of the creativity which highlight the product, place, people and process. And the other is through the SWOT analysis which helps in determining the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats surrounding the organization and through an overview of the organization though internal environment and the external environment.

1. 4 Ps

Figure 2

i. Product

When an organization is formed the first concept is the product to be sold to the market. Identifying the demand for the product is highly emphasized and a short and long term strategy and planning is created for the future of the product. Top level management helps to identify the product which is demanded by looking through demographic surveys which can be conducted through age, sex and so on. ii. Place

When the product is identified by the top level management the supply aspect is created and with the help of the demo graphic survey a location is identified for the product to be sold to create a maximum return on the investment.

iii. Process

When the product is formulated from scratch to a finished product it goes through three areas of the process which are:

Figure 3

the three areas from the actual raw materials which is processed to semi finished product to output which is stated as a finished product is identified in the process of the 4 Ps which allows the organization to have a close look at the product effectiveness and efficiency of the work flow in a given period of time.

iv. People

An organization is incomplete without the actual workforce. Employees