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Final Paper

From Sawyer I have learnt many techniques that allow me to be a more creative and collaborative student.
The first of these are the power of collaboration, this technique I feel will stay with me for life as it has allowed me to be a more open person when receiving other's ideas even if they are stupid it might spark another's idea which can create a good idea. It also encourages the group to think of more ideas as the other ideas they gave are not shot down which in return will create more good ideas.
Another technique I found effective is that of group flow whereby it is important to listen closely to each other, be aware of the groups goal, requires complete concentration, equally participate, good communication and many other techniques. All of these techniques when brought together really help to create a creative environment which is what has helped our group and class this year to be able to come up with so many different ideas which again has lead to ideas such as fresh fan or night light slippers.
I feel fresh fan is a brilliant ideas that was created out of somebody who had a smelly roommate in high school and used a cheap solution then developed this idea in the class using the techniques that we learnt and group work.
Something that has impacted me personally is also something learnt in sawyer and that is the technique of small sparks, I used to think of small sparks and disregard them. However now whenever a small spark comes to mind I think about it and analyse it and now normally create a web design in my head that allows me to go through all the different possibilities that can come from it.
My goals as an entrepreneur were non existent whenever I started this class however now that I have completed it I feel more confident in taking a risk as an entrepreneur with different ideas. It has also given me the confidence to consider the possibility of opening my own firm or business whenever I gain the capitol to do so with different ideas that I have had. Also I would like to take over my fathers tiling business as it would allow me to diversify the risk of failure but also increase my profits.
I feel I will now be able to give back to others in relation to being more open to their thoughts and listening closely to what they have to say all of which comes from sawyer who I find has…