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In today’s world with credit cards and debt

The expression that comes to mind “Keeping up with the Joneses” is a very common quote that we have all heard of. Suze Orman who is full of knowledge with credit card debt and helpful with budget and wise spending, uses a lot of narrative descriptions in her writing,blunt and also broke it down in layman term how to take control of your credit cards. The average household debt an outstanding more than billion dollars as of 2011 projection; this was the latest research I could find using the government census website excluding mortgage most of that debt comes from credit cards. Credit cards are becoming a huge problem in our society that it is affecting more than just consumerism. It’s affecting the way we live, Suze Orman provides advice and ways to turn the debt around and still keep up with the Joneses. Every public place you go it is hard not to run into the embedded idea,subliminal message use the credit card. You will see credit card logos on the front of every business. Every department store you go in has a personal version of a credit card from Target to Macy’s. The Diner’s Club Card that originally was only for businessmen to eat lunch at 27 or so different restaurants. Now it is accepted almost everywhere. And for everything else there’s Master Card, Visa, Discover Card or American Express. You will always hear those famous words debit or credit. As Suze explains in her writing she tells us how we can handle rather budget our cash and reflect payments towards our credit cards to eliminate higher interest rate as well letting the card consume us in everyday life. Suze broke it down “ If your paying, say, 18 percent interest on $8,000 balance and you make only the 2% minimum payment due each month, you are going to end up paying more than $22,000 in interest over the course of the 54 years it will take to get the balance down to zero.” (Orman,pg 210)

“Currently there are millions of active credit cards used in the United States. A typical purchase on a credit card cost more than 112% then a purchase paid for by cash.” (Web; census) Americans are not only purchasing items on their credit cards as they go on shopping sprees. They are now paying their rent, tuition, utilities, car payments, and anything else they can think of that may take the swipe or even transactions on-line. Initially when people receive or apply for a credit card they state that it is for “emergency purposes only”. However, that does not seem to be the case in many situations for my family, friends and associates. For some, keeping up with the Joneses seems to be an emergency I have found as well the writer of “How to take control of your credit cards; written by Suze Orman.” Suze states: “The average interest rate charge on credit cards is 15%, with plenty of folks paying 18%, 20%, or even more.” (Orman,pg. 210) Thus putting more into the category of fighting Debt at what cost if your paying out with card interest rate plus making your payment minimum plus more over trying to pay off your card but the following your still not paid off the purchase made with last transaction incurring more interest tacked on plus the difference in the unpaid balance on last transaction it is as if a never-ending battle of funds verses funds. Suze's advice can help eliminate your debt in layman terms. Fewer people are saving money due to economy price spikes; Instead they rely on the plastic. However, the average credit card holder pays more just in credit card interest. You would think that those individual would figure this out and start putting that money into saving for “emergency purposes” what some claim the card was set up for. It seems as if we are too far in debt that having