Credit Life Insurance Essay

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Problem Analysis

Through analyzing the California Credit Life Insurance Group it could be seen that the company is facing some serious issues regarding the gender biases within the company. Though the management believes in equal employment opportunity EEO, the executives have faced some issues related to sexual discrimination which is turning into bad reputation for the company.
A case was filed against James Bradford, a sales manager from the southern region by a sales rep from the same region reporting against sexual discrimination. The management took a serious action in resolving this issue that would
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The role perception of the employees as in sales rep should be defined clearly to them so the employees know what the managers are expecting from them and whatever they are doing, how is it helping the whole organization this should be done in the orientation and formal training should be provided to the employees. Formal training should be given to sales rep to reduce the perceived job ambiguity regarding what the role partners including company, the sales rep should be trained regarding how to deal with unexpected questions from customers and how to respond when customer is offering gifts to maintain long term relationship with the customer.
The sales rep should be supervised by the managers in a manner so they don’t feel that they are invading their space and yet help them along with the difficulties they are facing. Less ambiguity is experienced when sales rep is closely supervised and has influence over the standards used to control and evaluate their performance. For example if female sales rep are taking maternity leave then full compensation cannot be given to them as it would lead to perceived role conflict. Closely supervised sales rep is more aware of their expectations and demands of their supervisors and inconsistent behavior can be brought in to attention. Close supervision might lead to increased role conflict among the employees due to clearly defined roles and responsibilities and decreases