Creon Vs Antigone Essay

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Cullen Craig Professor Baldwin Literary Tradition III 28 February 2024 Divine Duty vs. Earthly Pride The discussion that I found most exciting during our class lectures was over Sophocles’ Antigone. The question that was mentioned in class was if Antigone or Creon was correct on whether Polynices should receive a burial. In class, Nicholas sided with the intention of Antigone because he believed that it was completely necessary for Polynices to be buried by Antigone due to familial duty to honor her brother, as well as divine law where the gods demand proper burial rights for all. I personally would have to side with Nicholas on this debate, as it seems like Creon was acting out of his own self pride with his decision, and it is already clear that he is not extremely fond of family, as he was completely fine with his brother being …show more content…
Despite Creon's adherence to state laws he does not actually do what the gods would want which could harm his citizens, which acts as a contradiction to what Creon's main goal is, while Antigone's commitment to family duty and divine law will always have her in good terms with the gods. The actions and intentions of Antigone are the main driving factors into why she was in the right to bury her brother, and why Creon, who solely focuses on law and order, was in the wrong. While Antigone is not a perfect character, as she was never on good terms with her sister in Ismene, and she is a bit of a rebel who likes to test the boundaries, her heart is in the right place when wanting to give Polynices a proper burial despite the decree from Creon. This fiery passion for Antigone to accomplish what she deems morally correct is represented when she declared, "I will bury him myself. And even if I die in the act, that death will be glory" (Lines