Crestron Cti Exam Questions Essay

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CTI Final Exam 2011

Thank you for attending the Crestron Technical Institute’s Certification training class. We hope you have enjoyed the class.

This exam is designed for you to complete at your own pace within a 3-month period from the date of attending class Please e-mail properly archived programs and touchpanel files for each of the required systems to Programs not properly archived will not be accepted.

The grading process is based on your ability to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of how to design, program and deliver a complete Crestron system. Great looking panels, or very complex string handling are pluses however do not over-complicate the program. The
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3. The whole system will be controlled by 8 button and 12 button keypads. 4. The rooms will have different projectors, but each system will: • Supply lamp hours back to the roomview software • E-mail the dealer the current lamp hours for each 100 hours of lamp life 5. The RoomView software should be set up to demonstrate an AV help desk, and every room will contain a web page so the help desk can take control. 6. The following alert messages should be played on the keypads triggered from Roomview. • Fire alert • Storm warning • Evacuate building

Programming Requirements:

• You must have at least one module in your programs that you have authored please label it and folder it is in.

• You must have at least one SIMPL+ module in your programs that you have authored please label it and folder it is in.

• The Kitchen Panel in the Model Home will have an animation on the main screen.

• You must have at least 3 indirect text fields, on at least one TouchPanel.

• The Keypad in the classroom should play a wav file in response to the help request.

• You must have true feedback and functionality on as many devices as possible.

• Remember that while creativity counts sometimes more is just more. Do not over-complicate your programs or touch panels.

• Remember to properly