Cricket In The Greater Hamilton And Areas Community Essay

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Cricket in the Greater Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Khushal Khan

March 2015


Cricket is a popular sport among immigrants from the South Asian and Caribbean communities. Children and youth from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the Caribbean are the primary participants in cricket within the greater Hamilton and surrounding areas. With the demographics in Hamilton significantly changing in the past several years, the city is opening new facilities to accommodate those interested in the sport.
According to the 2006 StatsCan census, Hamilton’s recent immigrants from the South Asian community numbered 11,645 people. The immigrant population from the Caribbean numbered 6015 people. From 2006-2011 there is a 3% increase in the immigration rate to Hamilton. Using the 3% increase, there are approximately 12000 people from Southern Asia and 6200 from the Caribbean in 2011.
Need for Cricket Facilities

Children and Youth coming from the South Asian and Caribbean communities lack the facilities required to play cricket in Hamilton. The cricket batting cages at Lake Avenue School will be the first of its kind in Hamilton. The goal is to have cricket implemented in the school’s gym curriculum. By introducing cricket in the curriculum, children who are not accustomed to this sport can develop an appreciation for the sport. Children who have access to organized sports and sports facilities are also significantly more likely to do better in school and stay out of trouble. With the new cricket facility, children who enjoy playing cricket will have a place to play and socialize. Social skills can be developed to help the kids not only during playing cricket, but also in their everyday life. During game time, children need to trust and rely on others to achieve common goals and to value everyone's individual strengths and put collective needs before individual wants. Children will also be focused on