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Crim 114 Ethics in FBS Fall 2011
Study Guide Exam 3

You should know the following terms and concepts. There may be more terms and concepts listed here than will actually appear on the exam. Additionally, there may be more than one question on any particular topic. Good luck on the exam!

Lecture - Criminal Competencies

1. Know why the notion of competency is important in the criminal justice system
2. Know the purposes of the Competency Doctrine
3. Know the characteristics (i.e., demands) of trials that sometimes make them complex
4. Know where our rules and laws that govern competency come from
5. Know the legal standard for competency to stand trial (Dusky v. U.S.)
6. Know the basic steps involved in the competency process
7. Know what competency is not
8. Understand the relationship between mental illness and competency
9. Know the objectives of competency evaluations
10. Be familiar with the types of abilities/functions that are assessed in competency evaluations

Lecture – Dual Relationships

1. Know the position of the APA on having sex with clients, relatives of clients, and former clients
2. Understand the concept behind “emotionally dependent”
3. Know the role of consent in sexual exploitation cases
4. Describe the type of therapist who is most likely to have sex with his/her client
5. Understand the argument for why ‘eroticized feelings” toward a client may be considered normal
6. Know the phases of sexual exploitation
7. Know the…