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CRJ109, Assignment #8
Evan Pellegrino
1. How does the use of probation affect the corrections system? Why is it used so extensively?
Probation affects corrections in the sense that it saves them money and offers new ways for criminals to be rehabilitated. The use of probation has soared recently due to overcrowding in prisons and the cost to house said criminals. Probation also allows a better way for criminals to rehabilitate themselves and have a more comfortable experience while doing so.
2. What is presentence investigation and how does it contribute to the sentence imposed?
An investigation and summary report of a convicted offender's background that helps the judge decide on an appropriate sentence. Also known as a presentence report. This report allows a more thorough understanding of what caused the criminal to commit his act. This in turn allows the sentence to be more effective in the rehabilitation of criminals.
3. Name some of the special conditions which may be imposed on probationers.
Standard probation conditions are conditions that are imposed no matter the type or level of the crime. Standard conditions generally include rehabilitative terms, such as the attendance to group or individual therapy, submission to random drug testing, avoidance of places and/or people that are associated with criminal activity, the requirement that the defendant not commit another federal, state, or local crime, and when possible, the maintenance of gainful employment and/or education.
Punitive conditions are constrainrs…