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CRIMINAL JUSTICE - A.S. Degree Program – Effective Catalog Year 2011-2012

Students interested in criminal justice as a career will elect this two-year collegiate program. It is designed for those students planning to transfer to a four-year program in criminal justice. The program suggested below is intended to develop professional criminal justice skills and knowledge along with a basic academic background. Students pursuing this program on a part-time basis should consult the Coordinator of Criminal Justice for an appropriate sequence.

ENGL 151 English I 3 cr.
CRIM 152 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3 cr.
CRIM 150 The Criminal Justice System 3 cr.
POLI 161 American Federal Government 3 cr.
_________ Math Gen Ed Requirement 3 cr. (MATH 156 preferred) 15 cr.


ENGL 152 English II 3 cr.
CRIM 151 Police Organization and Administration 3 cr.
CRIM 155 Introduction to Corrections 3 cr.
SOCI 181 Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.
POLI 162 American State and Local Government 3 cr.
_________ OCC Requirement: Any course from the 3 cr. List of Approved General Education Courses or ACAD 155 or any HEHP Course 18 cr.

SOCI 231or Social Problems or 3 cr. SOCI 238 Race and Ethnicity
PSYC 172 General Psychology 3 cr.
CRIM 254 Constitutional Law and Rules of Evidence 3 cr.
POLI 185 Principles of Public Administration 3 cr.
________ Technology Gen Ed Requirement * 3 cr. 15 cr.
CRIM 236 Criminology 3 cr.
SCIE 105