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Chapter 2 Key Term Questions
1. What is meant by a task environment of criminal justice?
2. What is meant by the dark figure of crime?
3. Discuss the role of criminal injury compensation programs and describe the various ways crime victims may seek redress through the courts
4. what is restitution and how is it related to the needs of crime victims
5. what is the crime rate and what is meant by the dark figure of crime?

1. Task environment is the cultural, geographic, and community setting in which the criminal justice system operates and in which criminal justice personnel make decisions-- the characteristics of particular environment influence the types of crimes committed and the decision making options/effectiveness
2. dark figure of crime is the difference between how much crime occurs and how much is reported to or discovered by the police vs. crime that happens and doesn't get reported. -victims don't want to be seen, think they will be killed act
3. criminal injury compensation -- victims can apply for financial compensation from government to cover expenses and damages related to crime, operate in all provinces -- they can seek redress fro their victimization from offender, third party(schools), or justice system (excessive force by police / wrongful convictions)
4. Restitution is court ordered payment that offender makes to victim to cover loss of or damages to property.
5. crime rate is the number of criminal incidents known to the police as a ratio to size of population

Chapter 3 Key Term questions

1. What does the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act do?
2. What is contract policing?
3. Describe the RCMPs division stall relations representative Program
4. Identify the basic and preferred qualifications for police candidates required by police services in the recruitment process
5. what is meant by the working personality of the police?
6. what is meant by the pluralization of policing?

1.The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act provides frame work for RCMP -- which are the controlled drugs and substances act, the securities act, Canada shipping act and student loans act
2.Contract policing is an arrangement where RCMP provides policing in a municipal with the municipal police--- agreed by both parties
3. Division staff relations representative program is their way of having a union since they cannot have a union. full time representatives elected from different areas. Program so they can express their concerns about employment issues.
4. Basic- Canadian citizenship, 19 or older, fitness, grade 12 education, no criminal record
Preferred- second language, related volunteer work, post secondary education/ work life experience

5.Working personality of the police are the various pressures and demands placed on an officer that contribute to their attitudes and behaviors that then develop their own idea of their roles, what is expected of them, and conceptions of being an officer

6. pluralization of policing means increasing the role of community safety and security by police officers and security

Chapter 4 Key Term Questions

1. What role so an arrest warrant and an information play in police response to accused persons?

2. What are indictable and summary conviction offenses and how so they affect the exercise of