Crime and Death Penalty Essay

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raadha Ali
Forensic 10/18/13 Criminal's should face consequences What is death penalty and is it worth giving it to criminals?Death penalty is punishing someone for wrong doing and yes its worth giving it to give criminals because it would be a lesson for criminals and others.Also I think that it is right to give criminals the death penalty because they kill many people so they deserve to die and get a punishment for their crime.By the code of hummarbi death penalty was developed in the eighteenth century.In my opinion I think that if all the criminals gets the death penalty it will be a lesson for other criminals not to murder,rape, anyone for no reason and it will be good for everyone in society and people will feel safe wherever they are.So I'm not going against death penalty. According to the article,''Bias law used to move man off death row''it stated that future defendants and the current death row inmates to provide evidence,including statistical patterns,suggesting that race played a major role in being sentence to death.First of all death penalty should be given to those who broke the rules.For example murdering or having to take innocent lives.Most people will want death penalty for criminals because they would want justice for their family which they might might think is equal.Without death penalty no one will get justice and it's not fair for the victim's family to suffer and feel afraid while the criminal is still harming other people. According to the article,''Does death penalty save lives?Anew debate'',it stated that the death penalty ''is applied so rarely that the number of homicides it can be plausibly have caused reliably disentangle from the large year-to-year change in the homicide rate that caused by other factor''.I believe that every criminals should pay for