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The Case is Yours – Graffiti

Sam is an upcoming street artist has been arrested twice within the last few months, both times for spray painting over bridges and overpasses. The judge ordered Sam to pay fines and gave him a warning. He has been arrested again for using the side wall of a bank for his latest project.
Reasons why for being in the YCJA
I believe that Sam is in the YCJA because he doesn’t deserve to be put in the Criminal Code of Canada. He is still a teenager and is not an adult, also because it is only a small thing and isn’t a serious crime. He still deserves consequences, but not ones from the Criminal Code of Canada.
Recommended Sentencing
Even though Sam hasn't committed a serious crime, he still deserves more serious consequences as he has committed the same offense consecutively three times. I recommend that Sam should receive 50 hours of community service which involves cleaning the paintings he did because they could be disturbing to other citizens; also a $500 fine because of his failure of being able to obey the law even after being warned multiple times.
The sentences that I gave above not only benefits Sam but also the society and the Criminal Justice System. The sentences above will repel Sam such a bad thing again and give him a fear that if he does it again there will be further and more serious consequences; also it benefits the citizens as he as to compensate for the damage and not them. Community service can also