Crime and Law Enforcement Essay

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Recent figures of crimes committed by young people are increasing in major cities throughout the world. Discuss the possible reasons and how to solve it?

A long with the development of society, more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is that youth crime. Nowadays , with the incidence of youth crime hovering at high levels, many have become disturbed and alarmed.
Why do youth crimes are increasing in the different area ? What caused the youth crimes, it is not easy to find the reasons and solutions for this problem, but it is more helpful to see the juvenile offenders’ life situation, such as where are they living and how about their family and college. So what factors lead to this problem and what we can do to solve the problem have become a concern to many people. For my part, the following reasons should be taken into consideration.
One of the reason causes is that lack of education , and there are no less than 3 reasons as following, for instance, they do not living with their parents or their family breakdown or one or have family member who are died.
A lot of juvenile offenders have a very bad experiences about education, such as their parents were divorced and the court awarded gave custody of the child to their father or mother. Any many times they do not have a good environment for study.
Furthermore, another factor that must be taken into consideration is that youth crime causes of the external factors of them. Such as drug or alcohol and some friends who are offenders or have a bad experience from peer group pressure.
In the first place, mental health is a big problem for young people and we should be quickly to solve it, which include autism and domestic violence. The two points usually can easy to effect to mental problems for young people.