Essay on Crime and New York Times

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Have you ever read a book that knocked your socks off? From beginning to end this book had my interest. An innocent college-student battles to live a normal life after her tragic ordeal of being sexually assaulted. Picking Cotton is a New York Times best seller, and based on a true story which is another reason why I give kudos to the Authors. In my opinion, Picking Cotton touched bases on several issues such as: the rage and violent crimes people commit, the injustice proven in the criminal justice system, and the racism that still exist. This book was filled with vivid details, I could almost visualize and feel what Jennifer and Ronald had to go through. In the beginning of the book the quote “For all those whose voices may never be heard-----the victims on both sides of wrongful convictions”. I dwell on this quote, you see Ronald and Jennifer were both victims in this incident. Jennifer suffered from being a rape victim, while Ronald was accused for a crime he did not commit, leading him to serve almost a decade in prison. Both Jennifer and Ronald were seeking justice, hoping someone would hear their voices of pain and distress. Picking Cotton was Jennifer’s and Ronald’s story, however there are several wrongful conviction cases that get swept under the rug, and overlooked. First, People say,” there are two sides to every story” I enjoyed reading both perspectives. When Jennifer explained how she was raped, and how she resist to fight back her attacker to save her life, I started to immediately think what I would do if I was in her shoes. It makes you wonder, how many women are actually out here suffering emotionally and physically from being rape victims. I love the fact that the author vividly describes her ordeal, and helps the audience understand that women who have been raped suffer a lot of pain, and don’t go back to just living normal lives right away. In my opinion, no woman deserves to forcefully have sexual relations with someone, but I do believe such crime happens on a day to day basis and should not be overlooked or taken lightly. A woman whose experienced something so tragic, should be surrounded by love ones who gives her support and see a rape crisis counselor to help heal her emotional wounds, because emotions can complicate one’s judgment and cause them to make false identification’s which in this case was Jennifer’s mistake. Referring back to “Picking Cotton” Jennifer didn’t receive much support from family and friends, especially from her boyfriend Paul. Secondly, I reflect on the wrongful conviction of Ronald Cotton, by no means am I surprised that an African American is put behind bars for a crime that was not committed by him. This book provided numerous examples of how rigid and flawed the criminal system is. From just an eyewitness testimony Cotton received 50 years and life, very harsh sentence with no probable evidence. If even an option back then, he could have received the death penalty. Ronald lost years of his life, which he will never get back. To me money can’t compensate for time lost. One of my concerns were, why wasn’t samples from the rape kit performed on Jennifer used prior to the prosecution of Ronald? After reading Ronald’s experiences in prison and through trial I wish that upon no one, I have a brother, and it would hurt me to see him locked away for a crime he did not commit. Through everything Ronald remained humble he had no hatred against Jennifer or even Bobby Poole. Hopefully detectives and law enforcement are much better with investigating crimes in this day and age. In addition to, the criminal justice system being rigid and flawed, a lot of racism was taking place. Ronald didn’t get much respect through the whole book he was referred to as a “black man” not an African American. I know…