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The Stoning of Soraya M
After watching the movie, there is no doubt that this is a brutal and emotional drama.
Even wondering why not considers it as a tragic story. Killing an innocent woman without any genuine proof or virtuous evidence is completely unacceptable and shocking. Despite there were no concrete evidence to justify an adultery conviction, Soraya was humiliated and was stoned to death. Don’t you find that a grotesque abuse? 35 year-old woman was innocent, but the extremist Islamic law and her manipulative husband, the Mullah, and Hashem coerced false confessions allowed an unjust trial, and then constructed a shameful conviction against her. Thus, Soraya had no chance to defend herself. The execution scene in the Stoning of Soraya M. is horrific. Sincerely, it is unacceptable for anyone to die in such a cruel condition. What type of justice system is that? Am I wrong by qualifying unfair? This barbarous punishment took the life of an innocent mother by pretexting she is a whore. Here's the thing, identify homicide or rape with bodily harm as a crime in the United States that the punishment of stoning would serve as an effective deterrent mechanism. Deterrence is an important part of the criminal justice system. What crime is committed to use the punishment of stoning as an effective deterrent in the United States of America? The law is very specific about which crime can result in the type of punishment. In the United State of America, punishment is determined by the nature and severity of the crime committed.
Soraya was told, in indictments of infidelity the women "must prove her innocence" on the other hand if accusing her husband she "must prove his guilt". This is the duplicitous and absurd world women discover themselves when the world turns to a bias and zeal that rejects and neglects women authorization and ethical standing.
It is unbearable to accept as true that a vicious penalty such as stoning would in fact take place in the 21st century. And thus far I have perceived authentic documented films, recording tapes, interviews of it, in nowadays in Iran. Indeed it is a shock for us as civilians to see and experience executions and all the various former practices of the late century savagery return in our era?
The name of the film and the picture depicting as the cover speaks of it itself and you can guarantee that inequality is merged during the course of this catastrophic story. The degradation of Islam, the restriction of the culture in the name of religious conviction, the dual ideals applied to men and women, the pressure of fundamentally decent people by the bullying and terror challenging traditional values, the exploitation of ruling and righteousness. These themes exist and occur as we watch the foreseeable