Crime and Punishment Essay

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Crime and Punishment would hardly be the book it is without all the violence. After all it is because of the violence that all the actions that happen within the book happen. If there were no violence this book wouldn't make sense. All we would no is the story of the characters' lives, and their constant frustrations. They wouldn't do anything about it though, which would make the story boring. Hardly entertaining. It wouldn't show the importance of the murders, family engaments, and the deaths that all are linked in a way to all the characters. People would read it and say, "Oh. It must have not been that important, because they didn't do anything to demonstrate how people could try harder to support there families and not have to revert to pawning stuff and prostitution." However, Crime and Punishment does have many scenes of violence. It is to show how much the characters care. No matter what it may be about. Sometimes with violence there comes reconciliation, but it wouldn't be as meaningful with out the violence. Violence also brings characters to life. Made out to be evil or not. Usually the way they react to it. For example, Raskolnikov, known to be a suspect, but cares for Sonya and realizes he loves her when he is imprisoned in Siberia. Nikolai, he being held under suspicion confesses to the murders that he didn’t do, making him a falsely accused character. If there were no violence. How could you tell if a character was bad or good? Or how bad or good they