Crime and Separate Study Essay

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Victimology, A school of criminology that studies why certain people are the victims of crimes and the optimal role for victims in the criminal justice system. Criminology the scientific study of the causes and prevention of crime and the rehabilitation and punishment of offenders. Victimology is the scientific study of crime victims and the victimization process. Victimology is a subfield of criminology. Victimology is a separate study than those done by criminologists. Victiomology is its own specialization within criminology. Criminology and victimology take separate halves to the problems of crimes. Criminologists focus on the actual crime and the offenders' background and motives. Victimologists focus on both the people and entities targeted by criminals. Though, on different halves of the spectrum, both studies rely upon the same scientific studies and collection methods used by most of the social sciences. The two groups however differ in a few important ways. Criminology has much more history and research completed than victimology, due to victimologies late arrival in the 20th century. Another difference is that criminologists have agreed that they strictly study activities of which are considered illegal. Victimologists on the other hand have not come to an agreement on where the boundaries should lie within their studies. Even with their differences though, both studies overlap each other in many situations, and even work off of each other for bigger and better results. (Karmen, 2010, pp.16-18).Scientific study of physical, emotional, and financial harm people suffer because of illegal activities.

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