Crime and Technology Essay

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Crime and Technology
• Science has excelled in all forms of life, and helped the human kinds in many ways.
• With the advancement of technology punished the criminals in different ways, criminals had found various ways to conduct a crime and human brain is a complex system of strategies, making the criminal more dangerous, but at the same time human had found more ways through which criminals could be caught and punished. Crime and Technology
• One such way is called ‘Forensic’,
• Forensic is the scientific techniques and methods used in the investigation and detection of a crime and an offense.

Crime and Technology
• Police is using advance technology in various ways to bring lawbreakers to justice.
• Not only forensic is limited to laboratory and to searching of such evidences like guns, fingerprints, blood spots, DNA reports, but also, with the help of forensic artistic unidentified face could be reconstructed which helps in the identification of dead body and other prospective.

Crime and Technology
• Despite the fact that today computer forensics is helping the police and is very effective in solving crime still the most effective method to solve crime cases is the method of
‘ballistics’, which is also among the oldest methods used in the crime scene.

Crime and Technology
• One of the aspects which are negatively influencing the forensic science and the level of expectations people have from forensic evidence and science is the guidance given by the popular television shows related to the crime. Crime and Technology
• Conclusion
– In today’s progressively multifaceted world, we discover ourselves at relatively unique cultural and societal cross ways. Never in the human history, has the world been so reliant on the technology and on its numerous side-shoots and manifestations. Crime and