Crime and Why We Have It Essay

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Crime and Why It Happens

Do we blame the individual or society for crimes committed? Is it religious beliefs or our neighborhoods that shape our minds? Crime has been on earth since the start of time. An out pour of concern has been at an all time high the past few decades due to the increase in crime. What is crime a result of? It all depends on who you are asking because everyone has their own views on the matter.
When crime is all over the news in the many parts of the world it is hard to ignore and not become concerned for the safety of ourselves and families. It is not possible to determine the root to why crimes occur but fatherless homes, poverty, mental disease and television have all taken the blame.
In my opinion people are to blame, they know the law but decide to break it any way, but the difference in opinion will vary amongst experts and regular Joes. Experts reported that children who grow up in fatherless homes are more likely to become an offender as an adult. Eighty percent of rapists with displaced anger come from a fatherless home, but twenty percent of rapists do not.
Television has had its fair share of taking the blame for violence and criminal activity. People want to mimic what they see thinking it will make them popular or cool in the eyes of others but ultimately leads to them being criticized and shunned by the people.
Gang and drug activity are well known in the more poverty stricken areas and that results crime rates that sky rocket. Not everyone from these communities will make bad decisions that could