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Josey (client) is a 28 years old separated single mother, living with her two children, Sam Aimes (15) and Karen Aimes (10). She separated from her husband Don, because he was beating her very brutally. Josey’s parents did not trust about her character because she became pregnant when she was teenager and so many people had sex forcefully with her. Nobody knows even Sam’s father’s name. Karen is the daughter of Josey and Don. Because she had separated from her husband, now she did not have any sources of income. Josey had to work somewhere and she started to work in an iron mine factory because that factory was going to pay her good money. Now she works in an iron factory. But the factory is full of male employees and they do not respect Josey or even any other women working with them. Instead, they physically, sexually and mentally harass them. Women see their pictures and profanity with their names on the walls. All the guys talk filthy and intimidate them. Women always discover obscene surprises in their launch boxes and lockers. Josey got physically abused by one male employee. He threatened her and compelled her to work in a department of toxic waste. He also sexually abused her and tried to attack on her. When Josey went to her supervisor to complain about this tragedy, she was totally ignored by him and was told that if she wants to work here, she has to bear this. After so many tries she got a chance to meet her boss in his office. But before she started to describe