Crime Committed In The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allen Poe writes haunting, bone chilling, and absolutely gut wrenching stories that you will be scared of for the rest of your life. My favorite Poe story is the Tell-Tale Heart. The crime committed in the story was so brutal it is hard to even imagine. What could cause someone to commit such a terrible crime? Was he sick, crazy, or just plain evil? I think the answer is clear. He was crazy!

The horrible crime committed in The Tell-Tale heart is murder! The victim is a helpless old man and the killer is our narrator. We don’t know much about the background of the characters except that the narrator tells us that the old man had never done anything wrong to him. Instead of hatred or greed being the motive for the murder it was the murder’s obsession with the old man’s “vulture eye”. To get away from the glare of the cloudy blue eye he committed the crime. He snuck into the victim’s room and smothered him under his mattress. To hide the evidence the body
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What’s funny is that throughout the whole story he tries to convince us that he is not insane. Throughout the story the narrator has been hearing voices and strange things but it’s all in his head. He has developed a paranoia about the old man’s eye and decides the only thing to do is to kill him. Every one of his actions point to his insanity. He treats the victim with extra kindness while planning his murder all along. He stalks him each night at midnight spending hours staring at him as he sleeps. In the paragraph when the officers arrive at the house to investigate a disturbance, he invites then in with such audacity and leads them through the house with no fear. He is so bold that he invites the police to sit and talk right over the corpse hidden under the floor. The thing that finally shows his craziness is when he begins to hear the dead man’s heart beat coming from below him. He loses his composure and screams out a