Crime: Crime and Childhood Experiences Essay

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Kya Ross
Robert Scholfield

Crime is a disorder in society that there is no cure for. There are many types, ranging from petty incidents to outright outrages occurrences. The individuals who commit these violent crimes are looked at as deviants, and to the wishes of the public are systematically imprisoned. These crimes include forcible rape, murder, assault, robbery, and terrorism. It has been made clear that they will not be tolerated.

There are many causes for people to commit violent actions such as: environment, childhood experiences, addiction, and mental illness. These factors within a person can drive them to do anything. As a deterrent there are laws with minimum sentences that will, if caught, imprison an individual for a number of years. For the act of terrorism and murder the sentence will most always be death but that still does not halt the actions of the offenders.

Environmental factors will cause a person to steal and murder for various reason including basic needs, income or protection. Mental health issues may not allow people the understand the difference between right or wrong actions and therefore they are not competent. Childhood experiences such as sexual assault and battery will follow an individual throughout their lives, in most cases the trauma that was inflicting upon them they will now carry out. Addiction is a disease that will cause a person to commit any type of crime.

Rape is the act of forcibly engaging in sexual intercourse with a partner that does not consent. In the past it was not looked down upon because it was believed that a woman was not an equal and to be done with as the man wanted, not unlike a slave. As people's minds and views changed so did laws which made it illegal. Although the laws are in place it is still difficult to convict one of rape because the victim may not report the crime due to fear, shame and uncertainties. The victims of the act are not only women, they can also be men and children.

Murder is the act of taking the life of another individual. Through history it has been frowned upon unless it was done in the name of country or God, punished by death in most cases. There are many circumstances surrounding it in such as serial killers, who kill multiple people, or people who kill for protection.

Robbery is the act of taking things that does not belong to one's self. In old cultures and even in some existing ones the punishment for theft would be the removal of a hand. America deems this as cruel and unusual, therefore unconstitutional