Crime Investigator

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In this paper i will be talking about the career i choce to investigate on. The topic of the paper will be a Crime Investigator. A Crimel investigator is when you ivestigate a crime, you gather evidence, interview suspects that were in the crime at the moment. They investigate many cases such as, crimes, drug traffiking, organized crime, or human smuggling. And at the end of the investigation they come up with the solution and who was responsible for the acts. In this paper i will give you some of the most important features, the responsabilities, the challenges, and the dedication you put into this job.

Some of the most important features in being a Crime Investigator are, Achievement, persistance, leadership, cooperation, self control, caring
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In this job one of the qualifications you need are, getting a bachleors degree in criminal justice, forensic science, biology, or any related things.
Some of the challenges you will come across in being a crime investigator are, recognizing what seems to be evidence as evidence, for example you need to know whether something out of many things in there are evidence, for example a knife, or a gas leak, a ring, hair, or something that was dropped in the scene by the person who caused it. Another challenging thing to do is seeing graphic stuff, and how bad a crime was. Those are some examples of the challenges.
Becoming a CSI is kind of a challenge. To get into the CSI you need to have experience if you are trying to get into a good paying job. If you dont have any experience you have to start from a low paying job, you need to be fast in entering an aplication and try to qualify for what they are looking for. If you apply for the job then you just wait and learn how they do stuff around there, then when you are ready to move on, you enter an application to a good paying job and you try to get in. Once you are in you have made it and you are in a CSI that has a good income. But you just have to be pasient if you want to be a CSI with a good
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You have to be able to be located when you are working, because a case can take up to 2 weeks or even 2 months.Its kind of add that you spend more time in the lab than in the scene. Even though it might be a though job you get payed well. The yearly salary is from 30k up to 80k.
The posibilities for growth in the career sector are likely if you have experience. If you have experience and apply to what some networks are looking for, then you might be able to grow in the