Crime Is No Longer a Problem Within Men Essay

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Crime is no longer a problem largely caused by men, Discuss.
Criminal commitment is one of serious problem in society. There is a question that crime is committed by more men than women but on the other hand some people think that women are considered as higher rate in criminals than men. Men are suspected, charged and convicted of all types of crime more than women. This is supported by Mott who believes 70% of female offenders get away with only cautions whereas only 45% of male offenders get away with a caution. The subcultural theories of Miller and Merton argue that the culture and lifestyles of young men encourage and lead to crime. This is because men are raised to be masculine and powerful therefore they sometimes achieve this through violence as a way of portraying it. This is supported by Heidensohn, a feminist who says gender socialisation prompts men to be more aggressive, which makes them more likely than women to commit violent crime. She also said women are socialised into not being criminal in the same way as men are socialised into seeing criminal activity as acceptable. This is because women are more closely watched by their families so are given less freedom outside the home because of responsibilities which reduces their opportunities for committing crime. Whereas Ian Marsh thinks men commit more crimes because they have more opportunities to do so. Another reason why men commit more crime is do release frustration as they are seen as the main person in a household and needs to provide for them so they work hard for their family but men or who mainly working class may not earn enough to support their family and therefore turn to crime as of releasing stress of not looking after their family. One reason why female statistics are lower than males is because there have been an underestimation of female crime because police and courts are less likely to suspect women or give women custodial sentence. The stereotype of men as criminal works as a form of sexism against men, which allows female criminal activity to go unchecked. This might mean that there is more crime commit by women but is unreported therefore women are seen as less criminal than men. However, women are the fastest-growing demographic group