Crime is Sin Essay

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Crime; the Ultimate Sin
Crime is an action done to go against the rules and morals of others. It is committed by people who feel no guilt; even though they know it is wrong. People who are desperate for their desires commit crime to obtain they want. Crime is a sin which is seen, heard, and also read. Crime is done because of greed, lust, and one’s conscience. An example of a series of crimes is particularly in a section of Macbeth’s life. The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare is a Scottish play written between 1603 and 1607. This play, along with Lady Macbeth, shows the reader that the problem of crime goes back hundreds of years in history. Both Macbeth and his wife illuminate the extent of what happens once crime is committed. Crime is the ultimate sin; it includes every bad deed done especially murder committed by individuals. Throughout the play, Macbeth demonstrates that crime is done for one's own benefit, and from which the first crime was committed, it will cause more crime, and finally preceding to crime can negatively change a person’s character drastically.
Individuals who murder are committing the worst crime under the category of sin. As the main character and criminal in the play, Macbeth committed multiple crimes by murdering. Selfishness lead him to kill for his own benefit. After the first murder, one will possibly urge to continue by killing more each with less care. Once an individual becomes overflowed with greed and madness, crime can totally