crime is unyelding Essay

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Milford Wilson
English 104
Professor Kerry
Study of Criminolgy

Crime is unyielding, crime is never ending, and crime is very enduring. To a great number of people crime is define as the embodiment of evil acts. The definition of crime made by Webster dictionary is “an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government” this means that the things we deem necessary or we believe that are our are bad by our views on the matter are useless unless justifiable by society’s point of views. In all our life we all have heard about or seen crimes whether it’s manslaughter, rape, robbery, assault or many other types of crimes, crime has been in our life or affected us a great deal. The reason why I choose to major in Criminology and Justices Studies is because I want to be part of the solution of why these events are happening such as why is the crime rate different for each ethnicity, why do people commit crime, and why does these evil acts exist in this world. To get the answers to these questions and many more I choose to devote my life as a criminologist, with this kind of work in this field I will be able to come to a conclusion of what the embodiment of all my questions come to and be able to understand my own true question which is “what is crime”? Not what a dictionary of what is crime but my on bias of what is crime. To do this I had a talk with the assistant professor of sociology at Humboldt State University Meredith Williams. whom I research on to learn about what is to come in my life and what would I have to do be able to secure a place for me in this field of research.
In this field of research I ask her many of questions first of all about herself such as what makes her choose this particular type of research to study. She told me that Criminology is often called "criminal justice." Some programs differentiate themselves by focusing more on the theories behind crime rather than how crime is punished. What I have learned is that this the first year at Humboldt State University that they open a Criminology and Justice Studies program and at the moment they have many of students how are taking it to the point where the classes had field on its first week of school. Some other things I have also learned is that my professor Meredith Williams choose this major because she was studying sociology of gender and instantly fell in love with this program. She told me while we was discussing her favorite and least favorite things about the job one was that the course is still preferably new so there is many room for trail and error she also said even though the fact that its new is her least favorite thing it’s also her most favorite thing the reason why is that because she love the fact that we are able to mold it and shape it for future generations to come. She told me that in ten years she hopes to see that the major take off as in she hope many more students been influence in this field and hope that they not just work in it but change it. She also says that what makes this job interesting to her is the fact that people are being judge to harshly for their crime she also said people are being judge differently due to race and gender and she studies this field to see if she can change the system from within or make the path for future generations to lead the way. She also explain to me on what she believe what is criminology i.e. what is crime? Which she says that it is the study of what each individual consider to be a crime, a criminal, and who considers it. She then told me they are trying to help people study to be social workers for delinquents and juveniles and such.
I also learned that criminology will teach me valuable life lessons such as critical thinking which would allow me to think through more clearly I also learned the a minor in physiology and sociology will help me greatly in this field the reason why is that it helps me as a