Crime Scene 2

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Crime Scene 2
Analysis of crime scene. A deceased female was found in her home on Monday, June 2nd. The victim was found bound to the bed and stabbed 13 times and semen was found. I will provide theories and explanations of each to help suggest why the perpetrator committed this crime.
The Offender
The husband is the potential suspect. He had the perfect alibi, he was out of town and no one would suspect him of committing the crime. He knew his wife would be home from work that day. He knew her routine and carefully planned when he would commit the murder. Nothing was stolen from the home, as it contained a wealth of expensive items. The fact that nothing was disturbed, points to the husband. He knew the layout of the home, because he
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Gender and Evolution Theory
This theory explains that men are naturally prone to be with more than one woman. A woman needs security and stability and a man can provide that. A woman bears children and her mating patterns are different than a male’s so he seeks more than one partner to mate with. The evolutionary concept is to dominate the gene pool with his offspring. It’s based on the idea that men are prone to have more than one partner. His desire to be with his mistress was stronger than his love for his wife. He may have been afraid she would find out about the affair. He carefully planned the murder and makes it look like someone else did it. If he didn’t have a mistress then this theory would not apply.

Social Learning Theory
This theory is considered to be the most relevant to criminology. Albert Bandura points out that people are not born with criminal inclinations. By observing others, these traits are learned throughout life. There are numerous of shows on television portraying numerous scenarios of sex, murder and greed. We are exposed to it daily. You see it on the news and in the newspapers and movies. Murder and lust is glorified. A person’s personality is very different from their behavior. Personality is a person’s constant characteristics that he possesses, and behavior refers to particular actions at a particular time. There is the possibility that he acted own his own reactions to a particular event. Although it is not likely considering the nature