Crime: Typography and Formal Research Paper

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Business Information and Research – 410-141-VA
Final Paper – 30% of final mark
Due Date: Section 1 – Nov. 17 / Section 2 – Nov. 18, 2014
Content Details
Students will prepare a formal research paper on one of the suggested topics listed below or on a topic of their choice related to business. Students must submit their topic to the teacher to determine whether it is acceptable or not by Week 5 (details will follow on the topic proposal). There is a research component to this paper, which includes the use of sources and careful documentation of the research. A minimum of 5 research sources must be used, including at least one scholarly source.
Suggested Topics:
The impact of the Millennial generation on the workplace
Culture: does it affect buying behaviour?
Global marketing: pros and cons
Legalizing marijuana: a lucrative business venture or a recipe for social disaster?
Can green businesses be profitable?
Can cybercrime be prevented?
Do food trends address real nutritional needs or are they clever marketing ploys?
Human smuggling: can it be stopped?
Is there an alternative to an oil-based economy?
The rising cost of obesity
Should workers worry about increasing wage inequality?
The impact of small businesses on the Canadian economy
Format Details
The term paper must:
Be typed, double-spaced and be written in 12-point font
Have a MAXIMUM of 6 pages (minimum of 4 pages)
Use proper referencing and include a bibliography (using either APA or MLA guidelines)
Include at least ONE relevant illustration
Include titles and numbering for all illustrations
Have a list of illustrations and a table of contents following the format shown in class (also in book)
Include headings, subheadings and