Crime and Punishment vs the Stranger Essay

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The novels The Stranger by Albert Camus and Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky are both murder novels that explores the inner thoughts of the killers. Camus and Dostoevsky wrote novels that portrays a young man committing murder and how the young man faces the consequences and deals with the horrible crime the which he has committed. Albert Camus and Fyodor Dostoevsky uses two different points of view in each of their novels, first person point of view and third person point of view, respectively. Using the two perspectives, the reader is given two different yet effective ways to evaluate and interpret the characters.
The main character of The Stranger by Albert Camus is given the name Meursault. Meursault is easily characterized
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Though Meursault was far worse, Raskolnikov was not please with his mother as much as he could have. She even gave Raskolnikov money. He was was not so please to see her or his sister Dunya when they arrived. Dunya is very much like Marie, though Dunya is Raskolnikov's sister, not his lover. Dunya would do anything to help her brother Raskolnikov, just as Marie did what she could for Meursault. Dunya even decided to get engaged to a self-righteous man, Luhzin, in hopes of helping her brother find a job. Another important important woman that is important to Raskolnikov is Sonya. Sonya is the daughter of the drunk, Marmeladov. He first talks about her at the bar. Marmeladov tells Raskolnikov her sad story and the sells her body to provide for the family. At a young age Sonya is quoted saying: “...must I really go and do such a thing?” (Dostoevsky 18) to her mother Katerina. Raskolnikov felt sorry the family as both Katerina and Marmeladov died. Raskolnikov was also responsible for the death of Sonya, Lizaveta. In the end, Sonya stayed around Raskolnikov during his imprisonment. Sonya got a place near the prison. She always visited him when she could. Raskolnikov after fighting the guilt finally admitted that he was the one who killed Alyona Ivanovna and her sister. Because he admitted to the crime, he was able to escape the death penalty. Raskolnikov was only given an eight-year sentence of hard labor in Siberia. Raskolnikov, unlike Meursault accepted the cross. Sonya