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Hate, Bias, and Stranger Crimes

What is hate crime? Hate crime are considered misdemeanors and sometimes a felony because it is a violation of the law which is committed against any person or property because of their ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or religion. These crimes are similar to discrimination. Some examples of hate crimes are threats of violence because of a characteristic feature of a person, graffiti on someone’s property, any physical assault because of a person’s race. Bias crimes are similar to hate crimes except that the crimes that are being committed are mostly verbal. Crimes that are in this category include sexist or racist jokes told in public, verbal insults towards a person of color, or even defaming emails sent to a student cultural organization. Stranger violent crimes are crimes that mostly occur everywhere. These crimes include drugs, gangs, cultural values, regional values, personality and instincts. Stranger violence tends to occur in certain geospatial locations known for wherever unruly people are jammed together. When an environment has lack of space, violence tends to erupt. Because hate crimes and bias crimes are defined similarly, stranger violent crimes are much more different. The different types of stranger crimes are seen on a daily basis for most people. These crimes don’t include judgment or bias towards other people.
In fact, stranger crimes are crimes that are don’t towards other people for the fulfillment of another person. For example, when a robbery is done, it happened only because it was for a person’s satisfaction. Different to bias and hate crimes, these crimes are made to intentionally hurt another’s feelings.
The effect that hate and bias crimes have amongst a person is stronger than any violent crime. Discriminating someone makes hate and bias crimes, while stranger crimes are made less on a personal issue. An emotion effect takes place when a hate and bias crimes occur, while physical effects are made by stranger crimes.
When a person commits hate and bias crimes, they leave emotional distress amongst the victim. This happens because