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Property Crime One day john and his friend jack was driving around in the car. They were very board. Jack said we should go on a cross country on a road trip. Then john said we don't have any money or a re­libel car. So they both decide that they need some money and a new car. So jack said how about we go steel some and then john agreed. So they drove to this very nice rich neighbor hood thinking that they will get lost of cash. So john and jack got mask and went up to the windows bust them out and found the owners of the house and said “we need all your money and jewelry”. Very scared the owners replied “OK we give you everything just do not kill us”.
So jack and john got all there money and jewelry laughing and happy but then john said we still need a car. Jack said pick your dealership. John said how about BMW OK said jack. So they went to BMW and hot wire a car and drove off the lot. So now jack and john have the money and a nice car for there cross county road trip.

Property crimes affect the society because it can have an effect on the community people will feel unsafe if it happens so often in one area people will fear to move into that area therefore houses will not sale so that also have an effect on the economy. It could have an emotional effect on victim cost of replacing items that are stolen or broken. The items that are stolen could be very valuable to there everyday lives and now they will be struggling. If victims can get hurt they will be traumatized.

Violent crimes

A famous couple Anthony and Tanya after all the partying one late night
Anthony & Tanya decided to go to a hotel because both had to much to drink and home was a couple a miles away . so they checked in nicely . so Tanya asked Anthony “ can you please unpack my bag “ Anthony said
“ no you can do it yourself “ Tanya replied i do everything you can’t do anything but be lazy “ Anthony slapped Tanya , Tanya started crying & yelling while Anthony beat on her she tried to fight back but he was to strong she hit him with the hotel lamp Anthony was disy and soon became unconscious Tanya ran out the room to call the police but people next door in the hotel were already on the phone with 911. Police arrived shortly they started to question Tanya question and soon arrested the both of them because Tanya hit him first and Anthony for hitting her back.

Violent crimes affects society because it can cause lots of people to experiences depression, ptsd, anxiety,paranoia because of the trauma they have been through. Often leads to lots of suicide. Also impacts society because it leads to high crime rate which leads to lots of pointless death, increasing hospital bills which increases the debt of America if one cannot afford the hospital care. You have to take out of work and may get fired. White Collar Crime

The governor of south Carolina Tom Ford was sitting in his office complaining about how he did not get paid enough for this headache of a job. So he was thinking im the governor of the state I can get what I want. Then he met up with his account that makes the funding budgets. Then tom ask his accountant “how easy is it to move some numbers and add money to a bank