Criminal Intelligence and Violent Crime Essay

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Crime Intelligence Analysis
Violent Crimes
Katelyn Shawver
American Military University

Criminal intelligence analysis is useful in many areas to law enforcement. It is especially useful in apprehending violent criminals and preventing violent crimes. Violent crimes in the United States have been on a moderate decline over the past decade. This decline has been attributed to the crime analysis intelligence used by law enforcement. Prevention of violent crime and apprehension of violent criminals requires cooperation and strategy from all departments and agencies in law enforcement.
According to the Attorney General Eric Holder, “Effectively combating violent crime also demands that – with the help
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Criminal Profiling
Criminal Profiling is a technique used by law enforcement agencies such as the FBI in the apprehension of violent criminals. Criminal profiling can be considered to be a somewhat controversial method by some but can be a very powerful and effective technique. Criminal Profiling is an extremely viable resource used in attempting to apprehend a serial murdered or rapist that has committed crimes in multiple regions/states and continues to evade law enforcement. Forensic Psychology. Net explains the process of criminal profiling as, “The first task of profiling is estimating the psychological and sociological characteristics of a criminal. Criminal investigators use evidence collected from the crime scene, the nature of the crime, the location of the crime scene, and the type of victims being targeted as clues to identify the profile of the offender. Once the criminal is apprehended, the next step is to determine further, specific information about him or her. Items in the offender’s possession and interviews with acquaintances can provide excellent background information. After further information has been ascertained, an interview process can begin based on the information gathered about the criminal” (Criminal Profiling 2013). Criminal profiling has proven although controversial to be one of the most effective techniques used by law