Criminal Justice Essay

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Within America violence, abuse and drug use have ran rapid. Due to the result of each generation it progressively worsens, this has been cause by lack of stability and structure essence children raising children. Thus, if there is no structure while growing up there will be no structure when there older. The sociological theory is that is structure is not taught young, it will not be applied while aging hence. Children who grow up in homes with two parents or two positive role models are more likely to live structured lives. Children who have two positive role models tend to have that buffer of affection and discipline to keep them structurally guided. Most adoption agencies only consider couples who've been together for multiple years due to the fact the child has the highest chance to live a structured life. Children that come from single family homes and or grow up in orphanages tend to end up institutionalized and or incarcerated, more often than their counter parts. Within the prison system over 50 percent of the population both male and female come from single homes and or foster care programs. Foster care programs tend to pass children around from home to home leaving them with no chance to get stable and structuralized. Theories that well address the problem correctly in my eyes consist of parents knowing the line between being a friend figure, and being a parent figure with their children. As well children coming from single parent homes should be offered more opportunites to enroll into active role modeling programs (i.e. Big brother and Big sister programs). All while, not neglecting the needs of children who still have both parents. Studies show that parents, who intend to be more of a friend figure than a parent figure is disrespected more often, abused both pyhsically and verbally. Do to the fact children disrespect what parents say and view them as friends they tend to…