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Michael Gladfelter
Ms. Arrieta
Criminal Justice Period 3
6 February 2013 The Heist My name is Mikey Dillinger and I'm 17 years old, I was born June 20, 1943. I grew up in the suburbs of Queens, New York, in a middle class family that radiated with love and respect. My father's name was John and my mother's name was Mary. My father was a well-dressed and groomed man, I would always call him 'Slick Rick' because he could smooth talk anyone. One time he swindled my mother and convinced her to not scold me by doing chores, but by persuading me to read a new book that he had mentioned to me involving some of my questions that I had about my science project. I never really knew what my father's real occupation was, I never bothered to ask because he was always so talkative and loved being in the presence of his family. My mother always told me over the years that Dad was very popular in high school and knew many people and families around Queens. He would always have friends over that were also dressed on-point with such accessories as diamond rings, designer watches, and leather fedoras. They would all be lounging in the extra room that my father called the “Man Cave,” drinking beer and playing cards next to stacks of money on our poker table. Some nights they wouldn't leave that room until the early hours of the morning, which only kept me more interested to know what all my father's friends did for a living. One day after school, my friends Johnny and Tommy and I were walking home together when all of a sudden, a black sedan pulled up right next to us. The passenger window was rolling down when I instantly recognized that it was my father in the passenger seat with brand new sunglasses on. Father had somewhat of a troubled look on his face and he proceeded to tell me to meet him in his office when I got home. I gave him a nod and suddenly the driver of the black sedan rolled up the passenger window and sped off.

When I returned back home and entered my father's officer, I was accompanied by two of my father's most trusted friends Vinny and Joey. I sat down in one of the guest chairs as Father began to speak, “ Mikey I believe it is time for you to know that I am not one of the most innocent men like you think I am. I'm a high ranking member of the Italian Mafia here in New York, I guess you could call me the shot-caller. I've been wanted by the FBI for the past 15 years on charges for over two dozen bank robberies, and the murder of a NYPD Officer.” I was in complete shock, however, halfway during the discussion I started to get goosebumps from how thrilling all of these reckless acts sounded. My father continued to tell me that the largest-scale bank heist that he has ever planned,was going to happen tonight. “Mikey, I owe my old friend Lucky Luciano a good amount of money for all the deeds he has done for me, including aiding me in ways to make the most profit from bookmaking, loan-sharking, drug trafficking and extortion. So tonight, I want you to be the look-out and stay in the getaway vehicle across the street from the targeted bank.” I gave him a nod as he slid me the keys to his Mercedes across the table. I then went outside to go start the car and wait for Father, Vinny, and Joey. When