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Criminal justice Paper 1
Caymen Nolin

Crime can be defined as an act that one commits by violating a law and then in return is punished for. The relationship with crime and the law is because if we did not have laws then there would be no crimes committed. Two common models of how society determines which acts are criminal are the due process and crime control. The due process deals with peoples rights and how things like law enforcement, crime control, prosecution, and punishment can come together and work together without impinging the rights of people. Crime control is the second model and it goes over a few different things from standardization, quantity, informality, and police. Standardization deals with processing as many crimes and criminals as we can. Quantity deals with the fact on how many arrests we can make and cases we can get to trial each day allows us to allow that many fewer criminals on the streets. Informality deals with how the officers use desecration when doing their job to protect the citizens. Last but not least police and with all their proper training they can protect the community and control the crime. One of the biggest important factors of crime control is how society is protected from the criminals and their behaviors. Choice theories deal with the ways that humans choose to act or behave to get the things that they want or desire. Sometimes these choices are not always the right ones which causes crime to happen.

The government structure which includes the legislature, judiciary, and executive all work together to help prevent crime. The core components of the criminal justice system are the police, corrections, and the courts. The police are responsible for things like enforcing laws, investigating crimes, and ensuring a safe community. Corrections is in charge of things like carrying sentences out imposed by courts and protecting the community. The courts are in charge of things like conducting fair and impartial trials, deciding criminal cases, and upholding the law. The next important factor is the Criminal justice process and its steps. There are five main steps which include; Investigation and Arrest, Pretrial Activities, Trail, Sentencing, and Corrections. Things like booking and warrants take place during investigation and arrest. Pretrial activities have four major events that include; first appearance, preliminary hearing, information or indictment, and arrangement. Next comes the trail where they provide all the information on the case that they can to try and prove ones innocent or guilty. Fourth comes the sentencing. If an offender is found guilty they are sentenced to either concurrent or consecutive sentences. The last step is corrections. During this process an offender either has parole. Prison, or probation.

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