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Controlling Organized Crime Paper
Organized crime has been an enormous problem in the United States for many years. The Italian Mafia is one the first official organized crime group in Italy. The Italian Mafia was a very powerful organized crime group since the 1970s.The Italian Mafia is not the only organized crime groups in the world there are many organized crime groups that imitated the structure of the Mafia. These organized crime groups operate exclusively for financial gain. These organized crime groups are well resource and connected with the government and with law enforcements officials that it is easy for them to stay under supervision. Politicians have described organized crime groups as begin similar to the government organizations with regards to the structure as the police departments and the federal law agencies.
Many candidates’ law enforcement representatives and business owners have established relationships with organized crime groups. Many organized crime groups have develop so large that the government had to come, with ideas to control organize crime.Organzie crime is not only in the United States it is in other parts of the world.Organzie crime groups have established a relationship that stay the same. Law enforcement continually train on organize crime and what they can do to stop the crimes in their States.Organzied crime groups have so many members. Once a member is taken down another member will rise in his or her place. For example, The Italian Mafia has five main roles in their organization. The Godfather or boss is in charge of the whole entire family. The second is the Consigliore he acts as a counselor .The Consigliore is also a very trusted lawyer and counselor. The underboss is third in command replace the Boss when he’s ill or incarcerated. The underboss position is to provide information that is given from the head boss and past it to the lower levels of each family member. The fourth in charge is the Capo regime or Capo. There are two different levels in the Mafia the Capo regime duty acts a buffer when it comes to crime organization. There are many Capo regime in each family. Fifth in command is the soldier the lowest rank in the Italian Mafia is the solider. For soldiers to achieve this position a few very significant factors must be met. Individual who is considered for the solider position must be Italian. Soldiers must start out as associates and prove themselves to the captain, under-boss, and God Father. An open slot must be present for an individual to run for solider. An interview with the under-boss and main boss must take place among all candidates where a vote for the best candidate will be conducted (Mafia today, 2010).
Organize crime groups is generally power, money and respect.Organzie crime groups has strict rules and if he or she do not obey them the can be punished. For example, the punishment can be death or beaten by…