Criminal Justice Essay

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Majority of the states, government has banned gay-marriages. The government has no rights or power to decide whether which gender people can or cannot marry with. What’s the objective of banning gay-marriages? To preserve mankind because the government afraid that it’ll put an end to childbirth. If gay-marriage do occur, that doesn’t mean the entire world would become gay. The government perception of being gay is a disease that will contaminate other people to become gay. Despite that gay men cannot have babies but there are orphans all around the world waiting to be adopted. Children ran away from home because their parents neglect and/or abuse them. Gay men would be gladly to take those children into their care and love them more than anybody else would. In addition, the government will have one less thing to worry about, which is funding money towards orphanages’ home. Now there will be fewer kids at an institutional home and more kids into the arms of people that are willing to love and cherish them. Furthermore, these kids that gets adopted will have a better chance in life and less likely to become a juvenile delinquent or even worse, death. Children from orphanages without any guidance or remodel have no meaning in life. I found a study that shows sixty percent of the girls become prostitutes and seventy percent of the boys become hardened juvenile which it pretty sad. It gets worst, eight out of ten children orphaned by AIDS lives in sub-saharan Africa. Mill would argue that banning gay-marriages is immoral. He said, “ People understand their own business and their own interests better, and care for them more, than the government does or can be expected to do (D. p 73).” I don’t think anybody knows my best interests better than myself. The government haven’t been in my shoes long enough to know what is best for me. Likewise to gay people, the government doesn’t know what’s it like being gay even if they wanted to they can’t. They weren’t born that way. More importantly, they never felt the rejection from getting married. The government hasn’t been in their shoes to know how it feels like to be gay. Being an outcast is tough and on top of