Criminal Justice Ethics Essay

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Criminal Justice Ethics
Taneka Sleeger
Nikolaus Barkauskas

This is a very difficult decision and I have been put in a very awkward situation but the choice that I would have to make would be to report the incident to my supervisor. Policies and rules are put into place for a reason, they are put in place to serve and protect all people, and if we are not going to abide by them, then why did we waste the time to document them in the first place? While yes, it may be true that both my partner and I believe that the suspects are guilty, there is no way to prove it with the lack of witnesses or DNA, it is purely speculation at this point. It is totally unethical to punish people for crimes just because we think that they did it, yes they are known troublemakers and were in the area, but without having any proof or taped confession, you have to assume innocent until you get all the facts. According to the juvenile Miranda rights, the
State must make an effort to find an adolescent’s parents or caretaker before commencement of questioning. The juvenile Miranda rights also state that if the juvenile is not advised of these rights, the declaration of guilt maybe due to the feeling of intimidation. My partner crossed the line by not advising the parents their children were being interviewed about a serious crime.
I don’t believe that any court would accept a confession under these circumstances, especially since the interrogation…