Criminal justice paper

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and there is a process that they must follow to get and individual through the system. The process is investigation and arrest, pre-trial activities, adjudication, sentencing, and corrections. The police agency is responsible for arresting and booking the individual. Arrest is the first step in the criminal justice process and requires the most attention. This is when the individual is taken into custody. After the arrest is made the individual is booked. Booking is the administrative process of an individual into the data base or system. Once the individual is book they move on to pretrial activities which falls und the court responsibility. Schmallager. (2011) “Within hours of arrest, suspects must be brought before a magistrate (a judicial officer) for an initial appearance. The judge will tell them of the charges against them, will again advise them of their rights, and may sometimes provide the opportunity for bail” (p.18). This is also the opportunity for the individual to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Next is the adjudication process. Adjudication is the process is when the individual goes to trail and is judged by a jury of his peers. Once the trial is over a sentence will be imposed on the individual if they are found guilty. There are two types of sentences consecutive and concurrent. According to Schmallager. F. (2011) consecutive is the offenders found guilty of more than one charge may be ordered to serve one sentence after another is completed.” (p.20) Concurrent is the sentence will run at the same time. The final process of the criminal justice system is corrections. This is where the individual will go to serve out the sentence and will be given the opportunity to rehabilitate. According to CJi interactive the goals of the criminal justice system are deterrence, retribution, restoration, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. Deterrence seeks to inhibit criminal behavior. There are two types specific and general. Retribution is involves the act of taking revenge on a criminal perpetrator. This may take form in fines or incarceration.