Criminal Justice Reform Research Paper

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the Reform of our Criminal Justice System
Some ask the question does our system of justice need to be reformed. Stating that our country which has 5 percent of the world’s population but has 25 percent of the world’s people that are incarcerated. one of the biggest advocates that is calling for change is President Barrack Obama. The administration is currently taking action to implement change and sentence reform. And in 2010 the president signed the fair sentencing act into law. And according to Benjamin B Tucker of the Office of the National Crime and Drug Response publication in August 24, 2012 they are now 2,500 drug courts in the United States. That have been successful in diverting some 120,000 inmates into treatment
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Have recently introduced a bill called the Redeemed Act that would help those with nonviolent charges have their case expunged, or have their case sealed on their record and recently were many others that have called for such change. Such as senator Rob Portman a Republican from Ohio and Al Frankin who is a Democrat and many others that believe in a change that is needed in our system of justice. A recent conference was recently held according to C-Span January 28 2015 criminal justice article and as for me and others have experience the injustice first hand and believes in the Need for change recent polls show that most Americans also believe the system should be reformed, and the way the system treats and act when it comes to those who are accused of committing nonviolent acts, one report according to the Fla Dept. of Corrections 2012 report shows that 65% of those in prison are nonviolent offenders. And to state other opinion in favor of change can look at a “minor respective report “on sept, 2 2015 by Jorge Martin and reporter Jason …show more content…
According to a CBS news were a record number of people that were wrongfully convicted in our country. as a result a nationwide push by prosecutors and police to reexamine their roles in these illegal convictions I know the suffering of the wrongfully convicted first hand from personal experience, these new proposals would help those with nonviolent changes with the opportunity to get jobs and help many of them to receive benefits such as food stamps and cash assistance. It is clear the war on drugs has failed. The change is coming the released by our government shows that the current system is not working. Reports by the states show that one out of every three people incarcerated will return to prison after being released from