Criminal Justice System Essay

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Criminal Justice System Paper

Crime, crime is something that will never go away nor in my opinion ever slow down. Since the day of time, there has been many innovative ways of committing a crime and ways to make the one who has gone against suffer in public humility. There are still many countries that follow the same rules that have been in their countries for centuries. If the courts then never allowed rules and the consequences of breaking the rules, what would we have amounted to? We are all fascinated with crime and the individual that has committed the crime. We all sit there and say to ourselves, what if they would have done it this way, I would have done it this way, and he was a Dexter!! The terrorist and criminals of today are always trying and not succeeding with many ideas that they would think would kill millions here in America. But we as Americans are also trying and not succeeding but the ones you think that are the kind quiet shy types, are the ones you’d never think that could potentially be that killer. The Oklahoma bombing devastated the people here in America. Who would have thought that our own American people would want to hurt our own people?? In April of 1995 at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, we would experience something that we could not imagine, an explosion that would kill 168 people and injuring over 680. The perpetrators that were caught were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. McVeigh was stopped an hour after the bombing by an officer noticing that there was no plate on McVeigh’s van and arrested for illegally carrying a firearm. Terry Nicholas was arrest shortly after McVeigh. This incident was the biggest criminal investigation case in American history until six years later in New York on September 11th, 2001, two months prior to Timothy McVeigh’s lethal injection. 9/11 as we call it is an event that we can now say is the biggest attack in American history. This however did not stop us in finding the one who planned the attack, Osama Bin Laden the al-Qaeda leader who was America’s number one wanted. After many months of investigation, hunted down and killed, the death of this man in our eyes was just not enough. So do our thoughts make us all killers? The word crime means an act or an occurrence of inattention that is thought harmful to the public wellbeing or standards or to the welfares of the state and that is lawfully banned. That is what we fight every day of our lives to not allow happening but unfortunately, it does. The Rodney King case is a case we will always remember and within ourselves we try to not allow the racism as well as Matthew Shepard. The crimes of hate are still in this world and will continue until everyone is educated as children that hate is a crime. The courts play rolls in many ruling of all sorts. It’s not just one dealing. When you get called to Jury Duty, you are doing a service for your community by helping putting a criminal behind bars. If you are guilty of that crime, you will serve you sentence for months, years or death. Not all States have the death penalty which is 18 of them but we here in Colorado and 31 other states believe we should. Our system does what they can but there are some crimes where people will get off free! We as a society do not concur with the thought of anyone getting off free but it happens.…