Criminal Justice System Essay

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Criminal Justice System
Branden Johnson
Prof. Harney

Criminal justice system is a nationwide system of federal, state, and local agencies dealing with criminal problems. A criminal justice system has the standard foundation of the three branches of government (judicial, legislation, and executive). Criminal justice system, simply an analytic system; where officials are in charge of arrests, prosecution, and sentencing criminals. All of these components operate in a sequence leading from one component to another. An individual that is process through the criminal justice system is decided how they would be affected such as: ending up with a record, where they would stand in community, and so on.
Law enforcement, one of the components of the criminal justice systems job or role in society is to make sure citizens abide by the law or receive emergency calls from the public, which they interview the victims or witnesses to see if there is a crime or evidence to charge the offender with. Why law enforcement does their job is to make sure that people who break the law is charged for the crime they committed. Law enforcement ensures safety for the public; maintain public order, protect the rights, and freedom of individuals.
Corrections (jail), is another component of the criminal justice system. Corrections deal with sentencing or holding of the convicted criminal imposed from the courts. Corrections make sure that the criminal does their time and hopefully does not become a repeated offender; also a criminal can be released early due to being reform and can safely be put back into the community. Corrections main responsibilities are to maintain control over the inmates, the facility, and make sure that it’s constantly monitor.
Criminal court, the last component that makes up the criminal justices system role is to conduct fair trials and decide criminal cases. Criminal court systems are to protect the rights and freedoms of people that are being process by the justice system. The function of criminal courts is to find the truth in the