Criminal Justice to Me Essay

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To me, criminal justice means the difference between a civil society and all out anarchy. Without a criminal justice system there would be no rules and no protection from the evils of the world. The criminal justice system has its flaws, but without it, the world would be full of destruction and chaos. Now don’t get me wrong, our criminal justice system is not something that I would put all my faith it. With crooked cops, lawyers, judges, prison guards, and politicians even the innocent can be sent to prison and the guilty sent home back to the streets. We have emphasized on certain crimes so much that bigger crimes and problems are being looked over. I look forward to my career in law enforcement to prove that there are honest officers who really are here to protect and serve and give back to the community.
The criminal justice system is made up of three parts: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Law enforcement does exactly what the name says; it enforces the laws of the land. The law enforcement sector is at the forefront of fighting crime and protecting the people. Without law enforcement there wouldn’t be courts or corrections. Everything starts with the law enforcement sector of the criminal justice world.
The court is the next part of the criminal justice system. The courts main job is to determine innocents or guilt. If determined guilty the court system or judge determines sentencing.
The last part of the criminal justice system is corrections. The corrections department enforces the sentencing. It also ensures that all prisoners are taken care of and receive all their rights through-out their sentencing.
There can be a lot of conflict between the three sectors. If the law enforcement side loses one piece of evidence or leaves out one detail it could be the difference in the