Essay on Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation

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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
The criminal justice system is an essential aspect of American society as well as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The purpose of laws is to protect society from harm, ensure everyone’s safety, and equally treated. The criminal justice system works to protect the innocent and punish the guilty without violating the rights the criminal suspect to avoid any injustices. As society evolves the criminal justice system needs to evolve so it is important to create new laws to keep up with the evolution and new trends. As new trends and contemporary issues develop in society, they can have a direct impact on the different functions of the criminal justice
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The overcrowding issue has put a tremendous strain on the correctional system, such as inhumane conditions, necessary mental health, and medical care for the prisoners. With these conditions the Supreme Court ordered the state to release thousands of prisoners back into Californian society. The three strikes law is in question with society over the ability to deter crime, although research has shown the enactment from over 10 years ago the law has had little effect on deterring crime or reducing the crime rate. In fact, it has created greater public safety because the denial of the violent criminal offenders’ parole prevents future violent crimes. Also when a felony offender is serving 25 years to life the citizens do not have to live in fear of recidivists.
The three strike laws in the state of California has had a few legal challenges pertaining to the federal Constitution’s Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment because individuals were receiving three strikes sentencing for nonserious or nonviolent felony, such as petty theft and misdemeanors (Legislative Analyst's Office, 2005). The future implications of the three strikes laws in states, such as California will need to make changes to the legislation to ensure a fairer and more equal distribution