Criminal Justice Trends Essay

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It would be a complete understatement to say there weren’t any trends that the criminal justice system was being plagued with. Between gangs, terrorism and crime in general we have a huge problem on our hands rather it be old news and a new crime trend. For the criminal justice system right now the possible retaliation from terrorist and what sort of technology advancement they might come with is going to be at the top of our list.

In the past (early 2000) the criminal justice system found problems with a demanding change that was going nowhere fast, I’m refereeing to the fast pace world and the computer savvy criminals that were growing. The police and other law enforcement agencies tried to keep up and gain the upper hand. While
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These problems are persistent and ongoing. One huge problem that I can see is the fact that we have juveniles that will be sent to the adult court system, this could be because of the lack of provisions in the juvenile system or the fact that they have committed a horrible crime and if it wasn’t for their age they would already have been in the adult court system. Once they are sent over to the adult court system, they are thrown in with adults who have way more experience than the juveniles “think” they have. I have seen a huge increase in the interest in trying to stop delinquent behavior, but again I believe this goes back to the economy and the need for both parents to be working full time jobs if not more than one job, and the lack of supervision on the juveniles.

“Globalization has helped to transform domestic problems into transnational challenges. According to Hoang and Meadows, “porous borders, technological innovations and global communications networks have allied gangs such a MS-13 to evolve into transnational crime syndicates threat extend beyond national borders.” In predicting the future, we understand that without viable alternatives for youth, the deteriorating social as well as economic conditions that exist in the united states make gang membership all that more glamorous in today’s world.

In looking at the crime challenges that face us in the twenty-first century,