Criminal Law

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Chapter 1, Page 22, Question 5: What are some important differences between civil law and criminal law?

Civil Law is the branch of law that deals with all private and public rights while criminal law is the branch of law that punishes wrong acts against the public. 2) What is the Bill of Rights? What freedoms do the First Amendment Guarantee?

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The first ten amendments protect individuals against different types of interference by the federal government. (Miller 40) The first of the ten amendments is the freedom of Speech and Religion. Which when you first think about it means you can say whatever you so please but it’s a little more complicated. The first amendment
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Pilgrim films. In this case Montz presented a concept to NBC universal for a reality TV show. The show followed paranormal investigators around in haunted places. Over a number of meetings Montz had with NBC Universal he presented scripts and videos about his idea. After the process Universal decided not to produce the show, but after three years Montz found out that NBC partnered with Pilgrim films to create the TV show Ghost Hunters, which was his idea. (Miller 141) In the end the court ruled that Montz didn’t have the right to copyright his TV show concept because it was an idea, which can’t be …show more content…
(Miller 273) “The primary purpose of the UETA is to remove barriers to e-commerce by giving the same legal effect to electronic records and signatures as is currently given to paper documents and signatures.” (National) There are three states that don’t have the UETA they are Illinois, New York and Washington, but have statutes pertaining to electronic transactions. (National)
The major provisions of this act are notarization and attribution. Notarization is when a notary or notary public reviews the signature. Attribution is when the UETA ensures that the person sending the electronic signature is the same person who is signing the electronic record. These provisions help ensure the UETA act of electronic signatures and business transactions.
This just shows how much technology is changing is changing how things are done. When I bought a new car earlier this year I needed to sign additional papers after I had left the dealer and instead of having me go back to the store or fax the papers I was able to go on my ipad and sign an electronic copy of the missing papers. It was very convenient for all the parties included because it would have taken me forever to make a trip back to store or even worse fax a sheet